“Photography has been my way of bearing witness to the joy I find in seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.”
Harold Feinstein
As a fine art garden photographer, my work is inspired by my love and passion for both gardening and photography. I have always enjoyed the quiet, serene nature of gardening, and I love the fact that I can cultivate something beautiful from a simple seed. My garden has been the nourishment that inspired my growing passion for photography.
Today, my images continue to reflect that which got me started in the first place – my garden. Over the past two years I’ve spent time learning and perfecting my light painting skills. I love the drama and versatility of this technique which was used in my ‘Harvest’ series and most recent ‘Light and Shadows’ floral series.
I hope that my work will make you pause for a moment to appreciate the abundance that mother nature provides us every day. I want my images to provide a sense of wonder, and I hope they cause the viewer to pause and think, if only for a moment. This crazy, cluttered world we live in needs more moments of pause.

With the camera set to a long exposure (in a very dark room) you use a single light source, to “paint” the subject or scene with the light. You can emphasize the portions of the scene you want to bring out, leaving in shadow those you want subdued. This style of still life photography often resembles the paintings of the Dutch Masters. 

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